Accessing your Zimbra mailbox from your Android device

The Information Technology Group tested several devices running the Android OS and found significant differences in the features offered in each one. We found that different Android devices may have different interfaces, which could change the name and location of menus and options slightly. However, the settings used in the configuration instructions should be similar for all Android devices.

You can also access the ITG's Zimbra WebMail Portal from your device's browser.

Below is the information you will need to to synchronize your Android device with the ITG Zimbra Email and Calendar server.

1.  DROID Users Only: Disable your WiFi connection when following the steps below.

1.  Select the setting to add an account in the settings app.

2.  Select the account type: Etiher Corporate Sync or Exchange Active Sync

3.  Enter the account information:

  • Username: Your IAS Username
  • Password: Your IAS password
  • Use secure connection: selected (If options are available, choose SSL or SSL/TLS)
  • Server:
  • Port:  443
  • Email address: (If it is an option.) Your IAS email address (i.e.;

Hit "Next" or "Done" until everything is successfullt verified.