Accessing your Zimbra mailbox from your Windows Mobile device

Mobile devices using Windows Mobile 6 are able to use an over-the-air sync for email, calendar and contacts. with the ITG Zimbra server.

  1. Go to Start and ActiveSync.
  2. In the window that appears, click Menu and Add Server Source.
  3. In Server address, enter
  4. Make sure that This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection is checked.
  5. Enter your IAS user credentials:
    • In username, enter your IAS username.
    • In password, enter your IAS user password.
    • In the Domain field, enter
  6. Click Advanced.  In If there is a conflict, make the appropriate choice and then click on Next.
  7. Click on Finish.

You will notice a new field in the Active Sync windows called Microsoft Exchange. You can then choose sync. It will ask you if you want to adjust your sync schedule on your device to allow you to get mail when it arrives on the server. This will configure your device to sync on a schedule.