How to allow or block certain senders using Proofpoint "Safe senders list" or "Blocked Senders List"?

1- Open a web browser and go to

2- Enter your IAS email address ( and your IAS password. Press the "Enter" key.

3- Click on "Lists" in the lower left-hand portion of the screen.

4- Click on the "New" button at the top of the screen. This is directly above "Username:".

5- Enter username@remote in the box that appears.

6- Click on the "Save" button.

7- Repeat steps 4 - 6 for any additional addresses that you would like to add to the "Safe Senders List".

8- Click on the "Logout".

9- Click on the "OK" button.

Once an email address is added to the "Safe Senders List", any message sent from that email address to your IAS email address will bypass the Institute's spam detection service and be delivered to your IAS mailbox.

To report SPAM False Positive:

In rare cases, a legitimate email may be incorrectly identified as SPAM by Proofpoint Protection Server. This email is described as a "SPAM False Positive." Users have the ability to report the incident directly from the email digest back to Proofpoint Anti-SPAM Support Team by clicking on "Not Spam." Once Proofpoint support team receives the information, they will adjust anti-spam rules to prevent the problem from recurring.

For more information: