How to configure Microsoft Outlook 2013 to connect to a shared Zimbra mailbox resource

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook 2013 and click on the Zimbra tab located at the top of the Microsoft Outlook application window.
  • Click on Open Other User's mailbox.
  • Type in the name of the user that shared a portion of their IAS mailbox with you.  Select the enty that appears with "" in the E-mail Address column.  For example, if user jdoe shared a portion of their IAS mailbox with you, you would search for ans select the entry that appears as
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Go to the appropriate section in your IAS mailbox that the user shared with you (e.g. Calendar, Contacts, etc.).  You should see a listing for the user that shared that portion of their IAS mailbox with you.  For example, if userjdoe shared their calendar with you, when you display your calendar you will see an entry for jdoe - Calendar.

If you need additional assistance with connecting to the shared mailbox, please contact the ITG Help Desk at extension 8044 or